[MommysGirl] Maya Woulfe, LuLu Chu, Bunny Madison (May I Please Watch? / 03.25.2023)

Maya Woulfe and her girlfriend, Lulu Chu, are getting frisky in Maya’s room. Suddenly, they are interrupted when Maya’s stepmom, Bunny Madison, barges into the room. Bunny admits that she’s been hearing the sounds of Maya and Lulu’s lovemaking through the walls for weeks now.

Maya and Bunny apologize, saying they won’t do that in the house anymore if it makes Bunny uncomfortable. But to the girls’ surprise, Bunny says that she isn’t mad – she just wants to watch them make love. Maya is shocked, so Bunny explains that ever since she got divorced, she’s been lonely and reflecting on what she’s missed out on in life. Bunny has never been with another woman, but hearing Maya and Lulu having fun and OBVIOUSLY enjoying themselves is making her curious. Maya is a bit hesitant since having sex in front of a parent sounds weird, but Lulu seems into it, so Maya eventually agrees.

Bunny watches as Maya and Lulu resume having sex, including Maya fucking Lulu with a strap-on. Bunny becomes so turned on that she partially undresses and begins to masturbate as she continues watching. Eventually, Lulu suggests that Bunny should join them. Maya worries that will make this situation even weirder than it already is, but Lulu manages to convince her, leading to a steamy threesome. Bunny’s definitely not missing out on life now!