[MommysGirl] Sophia Burns, Cassie Del Isla (What Happened To My Little Girl?! / 12.03.2022)

Cassie Del Isla is nervously waiting by the front door with Sophia Burns, her stepdaughter, who has a backpack and suitcase. As they chat, we learn that Sophia is moments away from getting picked up to go to camp for the first time. Cassie appears overprotective as she constantly adjusts Sophia’s outfit and frets about how Sophia will be gone for TWO whole months – the longest she’s ever been away from home. It’s clear by their behavior that Sophia is innocent and sheltered – with the cause seeming to be Cassie’s parenting. Just then, the sound of a car horn is heard from outside, signaling that it’s time to go. They hug each other tightly, and then Cassie waves goodbye as Sophia leaves.

Two months later, Cassie eagerly answers the door, excited to see Sophia again. When she opens the door, however, her eyes go wide with shock. Sophia stands in the doorway, wearing revealing clothing while her personality seems to have transformed to something much more confident and assertive. Sophia boldly walks past Cassie, grunting a greeting, and then says she needs a shower, dropping her luggage and suitcase in the middle of the floor and walking to another part of the house. Cassie is shellshocked as she asks herself out loud and in dismay ‘what happened to my little girl?!’.

Over the next few days, Cassie grows more and more concerned as Sophia acts rebelliously. Cassie wants to resolve the differences between her and Sophia, so she sits on Sophia’s bed and gently asks Sophia to explain why she’s been acting this way. Sophia explains that while at camp she befriended a cool lesbian chick named Becky, and was exposed to things she was totally sheltered from before. Sophia believes that Cassie’s parenting made it so that she was completely unprepared to face the ‘real world’ and all its nuances. Sophia is convinced that Cassie is an old-school, un-cool, prude, and Sophia REFUSES to follow her down that path. Cassie is shocked and dismayed to hear this but tries to convince Sophia that she IS open-minded. Sophia asks her to prove it by kissing her. They kiss, and Cassie realizes that she likes it, so they do more… MUCH more.