[WetAndPissy] Bella B (Gushing Through / 01.24.2023)

Blonde bombshell Bella B leaves little to the imagination in the tiniest plaid miniskirt and cropped top we’ve ever seen. She holds onto her crotch, clearly suffering from pee desperation and as she walks over to a cabinet, Bella slides down and squats in front of a mirror. She starts wetting her panties and her pee stream gushes through the fabric and down onto the tiled floor! Naughty Bella gets so turned on after pussy pissing that she takes off her cropped top and mops her juices up with it! She squeezes them over herself then strips completely naked, ready for more fun. Bella admires her reflection and licks the mirror, bending over slightly to finger her wet pussy. She gets hold of a glass bottle, placing it beneath her to fill it with another warm pee, and makes quite a mess trying to aim it into the small opening. Bella pops on the lidded straw and sucks up her juices to give herself a taste of her own nectar! This piss-loving babe sticks a rainbow dildo to the mirror and fucks it while standing doggystyle. She pees all over it and sucks it clean before masturbating to orgasm while sitting in her pissy puddle!








Actors: Bella B