[WeLiveTogether] Gizelle Blanco, Gal Ritchie (How Hot Can You Suck? / 01.29.2024)

Gizelle Blanco gets home to find her horny roommate Gal Ritchie is masturbating AGAIN, and with the bedroom door wide open! Gizelle watches Gal suck on a toy and fuck herself with it, and sneaks up to grab the dildo and run away with it, making Gal chase her. Gal proposes a game: a blowjob competition, whoever sucks the toy best wins! They film it as they take turns deepthroating the plastic cock, but then the competition turns to who can make each other cum more as they start licking each other’s clits! Gizelle puts on a strap so she can give Gal a great fuck.