[TeenPies] Aria Valencia (My Eager Assistant / 02.18.2024)

Aria is not the most tech-savvy girl in the world, which worries her boss, Ryan. Aria is way behind on paperwork, and working through files the old-fashioned way doesn’t seem to be cutting it. But Ryan isn’t some coldhearted chowderhead, unwilling to give an eager young babe a chance to learn. Grateful and prepared to do whatever it takes, Aria proposes she sleeps over at Ryan’s house so she can work all night and get an early start in the morning. It doesn’t take long to show Ryan what she really means by sleepover because Aria gets on her knees and sucks Ryan’s cock soon after. The eager babe blows Ryan hard, slobbering and letting the juices stream down her lips and face. They move to the bedroom, where they can really start having fun. Aria might not know computers, but she sure is savvy at taking cock. Ryan pounds the sweet chick hard, and she takes every inch of his cock like a champ. Aria rides Ryan, wanting him to cum and fill up her pussy with a massive load. Ryan makes Aria’s wish a reality and busts inside of her, filling her pussy up with a hot, sticky load. She revels in pleasure and rubs her pussy, taking a little taste of their combined juices. It looks like this is an employee-employer relationship that might work out after all.