Summertime Love (Angel Constance) [PlayboyPlus]

Stunning Playboy Muse of the Year, Angel Constance returns to Playboy Plus for this breathtaking August pictorial from the photographer, Cassandra Keyes. Since you last saw her, Angel has left Mexico and is now on location Morocco, soaking up the culture and beauty in between photoshoots. “When I found out we were going to be shooting in Morocco, it was crazy! It’s this gorgeous place with unreal people, amazing culture, and food. It’s so vibrant,” she gushes. “To get the opportunity to explore this place and shoot in it was an honor.” Looking ravishing in bright teal, Angel struts through a vast garden. “It was just like magic,” says Angel of her shoot. “It was like a fairytale; I felt like a princess.” Looking elegant and totally dreamy, Angel begins to undress for all her Playboy Plus fans. “I wanted to be so much more than I am but then I realized I’ve slowly become something better, something I’m proud to be,” she says thoughtfully. Can’t get enough of the vibrant and gorgeous, Angel Constance? Check back every first of the month for brand new pictorials from her, only on Playboy Plus!