Stepmom Therapy (Teresa Ferrer) [Sexmex]

Teresa Ferrer has a problem at home; her stepson is sexually fantasizing about her, she knows it because she has discovered the boy spying on her while she sleeps, she has caught him rummaging in her dirty clothes and smelling her bras and panties and the strongest thing is she found him masturbating while looking at her photos. She does not know what to do in this situation or how to solve it and goes with her stepson to therapist seeking help for both. The therapist Silvana Martel listens attentively to the whole story of both the lady and the boy. That idea of ​​the young man’s forbidden desire towards his stepmother and all the details he heard sexually excite the therapist and she take an action in her therapy that is unethical, far from guiding both of them to appease their instincts, decides to motivate them to unleash their forbidden and immoral lust. Under the pretext that stepmother and son have zero manifestations of affection, he urges them to hug, caress and kiss each other while expressing their repressed affection to each other and that is the spark that ignites them so that there in the “therapy” they perform all kinds of Erotic acts to each other while the perverted psychologist watches them indulge their own voyeuristic fetishes.

Actors: Teresa Ferrer