Satomi Katayama gives a lot of milk while she is fucked (Satomi Katayama) [JapanHDV]

Satomi Katayama receives the last part of her breastfeeding problem treatment. She is helped to get relaxed by having her huge boobs fondled while she is kissed. While one of her big nipples is sucked, the other one simply pours milk. The doctor squeezes Satomi’s nipples and now she has her body full of milk. Next, her hairy pussy is licked, eaten and fucked with fingers until she cums. This woman’s nipples are squeezed again and they give a lot of milk. Satomi sucks the man’s cock while her cans are fondled. She is pumped on the floor so deep and so hard while her nipples give more and more milk. The man gets a lot of milk on his body from Satomi’s squeezed nipples! She gives even more and more milk while riding the dong with a huge appetite. While having her crack fucked from behind deep, this woman’s knockers shake on and on. While getting more fuck standing, Satomi squeezes her nipples to let more milk getting out. She is screwed from behind again, faster and harder while her tits are squeezed and the milk gets on a mattress. While fucking and milking Satomi, the doc tells her to do the same at home, and if it doesn’t work, to come to him again. She is drilled on and on while the milk from her big tits get even on the camera. After such a long and strong frigging patient Satomi gets a lot of cum in her pussy!
Actors: Satomi Katayama

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