[PureTaboo] Casey Calvert, Paige Owens (The Inheritance / 01.05.2023)

A lawyer (Siouxsie Q) is speaking with a woman, Brianna (Casey Calvert). From their conversation, it is revealed that Brianna’s parent has recently passed away, but Brianna isn’t sad about it because they weren’t close anymore. The lawyer goes over Brianna’s parent’s will. Brianna is shocked and angry when she finds out that her parent didn’t leave her any money. Instead, she is to be given a monthly income if she agrees to take care of her parent’s pet, Tabby. Brianna begrudgingly agrees to look after Tabby, so the lawyer gives her a key, explaining that the instructions in the will said the key has something to do with Tabby’s care.

Later that day, Brianna arrives at her late parent’s house, and a stunningly beautiful woman (Paige Owens) answers the door. When Brianna says she’s here to check on Tabby, the woman explains that SHE is Tabby. Brianna is completely shocked. As they sit on a couch in the living room, Tabby explains that Brianna’s parent was sad and lonely after becoming a widow, so she wanted someone who would NEED her and be completely devoted to her. Tabby adds that she’s looking forward to having Brianna take care of her from now on.

Brianna is still a bit hesitant about the situation, but asks about the key that the lawyer gave her. She is stunned to discover that it’s the key to Tabby’s chastity belt. Brianna says this is getting way too weird for her, especially considering that she’s straight, but Tabby asks her to give things a try. Eventually, Brianna agrees to take care of Tabby, but insists that she isn’t interested in anything sexual. However, Brianna becomes intrigued by the prospect of having power over Tabby, and with Tabby’s urging, begins to explore Tabby’s body. They eventually unlock the chastity belt, and Brianna relishes having lesbian sex for the first time with Tabby.