[PornMegaLoad] Jynn (The Guy With The BBC Is Jynn’s Former Student / 01.31.2020)

It’s the ultimate MILF fantasy: student fucks his former teacher, teacher fucks her former student.
While Lil’ D. fixes her computer, Jynn, a 50-year-old wife and mom (and former teacher), watches and touches herself. She likes what she sees. At this point, she doesn’t care if her internet access gets fixed or not.
“I think the internet should be good now, Mrs….” Lil’ D. says when he’s done.
“Jynn,” she says.
“It’s funny,” he says. “I had a teacher named that. You kinda look like her, too.”
“I think I remember you,” she says. “Third period. Algebra.”
“Oh, yeah,” he says. “It is you!”
“I remember you looking up my skirt a few times,” she says.
“Damn, I was just a little boy back then,” he says, just a little bit embarrassed but not much.
“You’re not little anymore,” she points out, then she pulls him over to her bed and pushes him down. This is the kind of thing that could’ve gotten Jynn in a lot of trouble back in the day, but she’s not a teacher anymore and he’s 20 years…

Actors: Jynn