Paintballers Part 1 (Alexxa Vice, Max Deeds) [FakeHub]

When group of friends Alexxa Vice, Max Deeds, Lola Marie, John Bishop, Luke Hardy, and Petite Princess Eve decide to go paintballing, sides are quickly drawn between the men and the women! In a game of capture the flag, the men quickly demonstrate they aren’t on the pitch to play around, decisively defeating the dames and picking up the first point. Realizing they’re out-gunned, Alexxa suggest they use cunning to secure victory: cunning, that is, meaning showing off their big tits! With the fellas distracted, Eve and Lola make quick work of John and Luke, but when Alexxa realizes she is out of bullets, she uses another diversionary tactic on Max: she grabs his cock, and starts giving him a blowjob! Taking her fill of the stud’s thick rod, Alexxa makes Max cum all over her face and tits, then while he’s spent, runs off with the flag to secure the victory! But Lola liked Max…what will happen now?