On The Right Way (2019) (Sarah Key, Maxmilian Dior) [SexArt]

A chance meeting leads to an erotic dream for cute Sarah Key in Andrej Lupin’s hot movie “On The Right Way.” She can’t get Maxmilian Dior out of her mind, and their fleeting encounter has the same effect on him. Their shared connection brings them to another serendipitous meeting, and before long they are in the bedroom, stripped down to their underwear and kissing passionately. Sarah grinds on Max’s erection as he pulls off her bra and fondles her perky breasts. She slips her panties off and frees his stiff cock from his shorts, jerking it as she guides it into her shaved pussy. Her tight slot hugs his thick girth as she slides up and down on it, gasping with each stroke. Max lifts Sarah and flips her onto her back, thrusting into her steadily, driving her wild. He goes down to eat her, spreading her pussy lips wide open with his tongue and pushing his fingers inside. Penetrating her again in missionary, he fucks her to an intense orgasm, then moves into spoons to drill her until they climax together.