[GirlsWay] Christy Love, Aila Donovan (ABCs And TLC / 09.24.2020)

Christy Love is drowning in homework when Aila Donovan, the school nurse, peeks into her classroom. Aila is busy doing physicals on all the teachers and now it’s Christy’s turn! Although Christy is a bit hesitant at first, just because she’s behind with correcting papers, she gives in to get the physical over with. But as Nurse Aila works her hands over her body to give a thorough physical, correcting homework is the LAST thing on Christy’s mind! She starts to become so warm from the touches that Aila thinks she might have a fever… and Christy is too embarrassed to tell her the truth. How can Christy tell the nurse that having her hands cupping her breasts and rubbing all over her body is doing things for her? Although she’s shy, Christy soon enough strips away all of her clothes to cool down and help make Aila’s work easier… but it only makes BOTH of them become hot now! Neither one of them can resist the heat as they press their bodies close. Now Christy is ready for the most intimate exam in her life! Of course, she’s determined to give the nurse a thorough examination of her own…


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