[Girlsway] Ana Foxxx, Queenie Sateen (You Can Stay With Me / 02.04.2024)

Queenie Sateen was invited by her best friend, Ana Foxxx, to come along to a neighbor’s party. However, Queenie’s not in the mood for partying, because it turns out her boyfriend of five years has been cheating on her. Ana is totally sympathetic, and says they can just forget about the party – Queenie can stay over at Ana’s place for the night instead.

The two women bond and commiserate, and Ana gives Queenie a shoulder rub to help her feel better. Ana also says that Queenie is a real catch, and it’s ridiculous that her boyfriend didn’t appreciate her – why, Queenie must have lots of men AND women expressing interest in her!

Queenie admits that she’s never been with a woman before, although she IS curious about it. Ana says that women are the best… so pretty, and sensual, and they smell good. Queenie says she’s open to giving women a try, and Ana proves what a great friend she is by guiding Queenie through her first lesbian sex session.