[FreeuseFantasy] Krissy Knight, Lola Aiko (Anti-Valentine Viral Fuck Fest / 02.10.2024)

Krissy and Lola are sick of Valentine’s Day. They haven’t got dates and don’t want to do all the traditional romantic bullshit, so instead, they choose to do an Anti-Valentine video to go viral. In it, they bake a cake and smash it on camera with the help of Nicky, who’s eager to help them out. Of course, the girls are too angry and vindictive to think of something else, the perfect excuse for Nicky to give a hand by fucking them while they set everything up for the shoot. As Nicky stuffs the girls’ pussies up, Krissy and Lola wrap up an amazing viral video that’s an instant hit. Now that their mission is accomplished, it’s time to celebrate with more freeuse fucking!