[CheatingWife] Nozomi Koizumi (Blows A Colleague On The Job / 06.29.2020)

Nozomi Koizumi is a hard and obedient worker at the moving company, where all her male colleagues are craving for her. One of the guy decided to play his luck and trick her into sucking his dick. He sold her a story that made her feel guilty and that’s how she was convinced to please him orally. The whole adventure happened while they were on the job. Another colleague and the client they were helping were in the very next room. Hidden after a couch and some boxes, Nozomi took out the cock of her colleague and started sucking on it submissively. She jerked off the guy, licked the balls, pushed the rod down her throat, and did anything she knew to make the man cum. When the guy shot his load in her mouth and all over her skilled hands, she started licking all the sperm off her fingers and swallowed it, and then she cleaned the guy’s dick with her tongue. After that, she got back on working like nothing happened. I bet that she will be the blowjob machine of the whole crew after this adventure. Even if she already has a husband waiting for her at home.


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Actors: Nozomi Koizumi

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