Cheating husband risky hot tub fuck (Talia Mint) [SexyHub]

After renting a cabin in the woods with some friends, Marc spends the weekend arguing with his wife, and after she spurns his attempts at reconciliation, he leaves to spend the night alone. In the morning, Marc sees Talia Mint in the kitchen, and the friends get to chatting. Talia tells Marc how sore her neck and shoulders are, and Marc offers to take her to the hot tub to give her a massage. Walking to the tub, Marc sits on the edge and Talia sits in the water. Talia removes her bikini top as Marc rubs her neck and shoulders, and then he reaches forward and massages her breasts. Talia tells Marc she has some tightness in between her legs, so Marc plays with her pussy. Turned on, Talia gives Marc a blowjob, then pulls her bikini bottoms to the side to sit on his thick dick. Talia fucks Marc in and out of the hot tub and he cums on the hot brunette’s face…just as his wife walks in!

Actors: Talia Mint