[BratTamer] Selina Bentz (Stealing Gets You Fucked / 06.16.2024)

Selina is a bratty babe, and she doesn’t even know it. She thinks she’s always in the right and that her behavior needs no work. But Donnie disagrees. When he learns that Selina has been stealing money from other school clubs, he has no choice but to expel her – unless she agrees to go through the highly experimental and extreme Brat Tamer program. Selina is intrigued and knows about the program, as rumors have been circulating about how intense and naughty it can be. Donnie starts their lessons right away. He fondles Selina’s perfect tits and caresses her body. Selina can’t believe this is what the Brat Tamer program actually is, yet the more Donnie rubs her body, the more she finds herself wanting him and to submit. Things get even more intense when during a later day, Donnie rubs Selina’s clit underneath a bikini. They’re nearing their final lesson, and Selina needs to learn control. If she wants to cum and feel good, she needs to earn it and utilize patience. As much as she wants Donnie’s cock, he’ll only let her have the tip until she truly deserves a good fucking. When she shows self-restraint, Donnie gives her what she’s been craving. He pushes his cock deep inside of her and makes her beg for more. Selina loves being submissive now and wants to do anything and everything to show Donnie her progress. When he can no longer hold his load, Donnie pumps hot cum all over Selina’s bratty face.